Tomb Raider opens up New Discord Server

Crystal Dynamics today announced a Discord Server open to the public where all fans can talk together about opinions of Tomb Raider Saga.

For now there are only 4 categories:
-Administrators that belong to Crystal Dynamics,
-Moderators and members of the OFP (Official Fansites Program)
-General Discussion hub, where all the fans worldwide can talk each other

But, there is more to come!

We will have the pleasure to meet Winston, Lara's butler, who will serve us in case of help and will give us some special ranks, rated by writing into the Discord Server; with these ranks, you can level up. Each user starts at level 0, being able to reach the maximum level, which is level 30. Every 5 levels earned are given to the new users statutes, which are: stone member, silver member, gold member, jade member and member of diamond.

If you are interested in joying us, that would be a pleasure and we really want to thank Crystal for doing this! It is important to remember that there are some rules to be respected, so we advise all fans to read them so there are no problems in the future! See you there!