Tomb Raider II Remake gets it's Demo release date

Something tell us that finally, after some time we can finally have a playable preview of the fantastic UE4 Remake of Tomb Raider II by Nicobass.
To have said this is the same Nicobass in his twitter profile (@Nicobass_DOX).

Let's know more about it:

The autor yesterday said on his Twitter profile if he should release the demo 1st of September of 1st of November:

"Hi guys! are you ready for the 1st Sptember? or should i wait november?"

Always all of us commented for the 1st September date, and we had right, see it why:

Nicobass also said that the November release date was a joke, even if he wanted to release the demo in memory of Tomb Raider II (1997) release date:

We can also know that the demo will be quite long, 1 hour playing through the 1st level of the game:

Excited about it? We don't know the effective release date of the complete game, but September 1st is coming and i can't wait for it. Ready? The demo will come September 1st ONLY ON PC
To know more about the full project please visit Nicobass site here: