Interview with Alejandro Cambronero Albaladejo

(Alejandro Cambronero Albaladejo)

Hey all!

Today i'm here to interview Alejandro, who is a huge Tomb Raider cosplayer, and webmaster of "Alex's Tomb Raider Blog", "Tomb Raider World", "Alex Croft" and "Tomb Raider 21"

I had the pleasure to interview him also because of his new #TombRaider21 Project (that we will talk about in the interview)

So, i really hope you will like it, and enjoy!

1)What thing brought you to Tomb Raider and Lara Croft passiom? How is all began?

"That's my favourite question! I really love to tell the beginning of my passion for Tomb Raider. My parents bought me one game, Angel of Darkness, because of my 5th birthday. Since that day, I played the games and, here I am now. I loved Lara Croft since the first time."

2)What is the most important thing for you, when we are talking about Lara Croft? What's her most beautiful thing that you like about?

"The character, and her personality. I think Lara Croft is a truly icon. When you say "Lara Croft" or "Tomb Raider" to a friend or other, they know who is she. She's the real face of modern videogames 20 years later. Her courage, determination and lovely personality defined she in 1996, and now, in 2017, the essence continues."

3)That's an amazing thing! So, you are an official member of the Fansite Community, what brought you to the creation of your fansites?

"Yes, I am. Well, with the reboot of 2013, I revived my passion one more time, and I wanted to share my passion and love about the franchise with a little project: my blog. In 2013, the Spanish Community of Tomb Raider was living a not good moment into the fansites environment. I thought I had to help with information, interesting articles, and more. The following year, 2014, I created my second fansite, a web to find every you want about the series, and no posts only. Nowadays, I'm happy to was able to revitalise my community and go far."

4)What's your favorite game of the franchise and why?

"Angel of Darkness, of course. Was my first game and it's my favourite one. I loved, I love and I'll love my entire life. Was the beginning of my passion, introduced me into this amazing adventure, and this Lara was my love. Always I'm happy to say this, as Angel of Darkness was a very polemic game into the franchise and the end of the first developer, Core Design. I will defend my position every time, and I'm sure any game won't caught me as it did."

5)Yeah, i also support AoD as it's one of my favorite at all! Let's continue with another questions, as i know, you were part of the "Tomb Raider Hunt" made by Spanish members right? How was it? Did you take part of it?

"Glad to know that!
Right, Tomb Raider 20 was a community project between a big part of Spanish webmasters. The project involved the celebration of a milestone, the 20th Anniversary of Tomb Raider between the entire Spanish Community of Tomb Raider. All the Spanish fansites helped to make the best event never seen at Spain, on October 22nd, a date near the release of the first Tomb Raider. The project was a mixture of events, mistery and charity during 2016 to end with a final event that included a scavenger hunt, a cosplay contest and a community dinner."

6)You are also a huge Tomb Raider cosplayer right? What inspired you in doing all this? And do you have any future plans in Tomb Raider cosplay?

"Yes, thanks! I really love cosplaying. Two years ago, I made my first cosplay based on Rise of the Tomb Raider remnant jacket, with my father. He helped a lot with Lara's gear, and I hosted two cosplay gatherings on Madrid. Also, I went to the record attempt celebrated in Paris, with my entire family and a very good friend. Was really good! I want to make more cosplays in the future, but now I'm focused on other things as Tomb Raider 21 project."

7)That is fantastic, But we all know that you are "involved" in another Project, this time with your own work! What is it about and how was Born?

"Tomb Raider 21! Yes, this is my new project, and I'm so excited for it, really.

TOMB RAIDER 21 is the first interactive project within the Tomb Raider community. A true revolution that aims to act as a basis for future international projects.
This project is a pioneer because it allows access for anyone who has an electronic device. Even with a physical event as the final climax, this series of online events will allow the participation in real time of all those who can’t attend the physical event. Therefore, the introduction of each and every member of the community, regardless of where they are, is sought.
I was planning the idea at the ending of 2016, because I wanted to launch an innovative to the entire fandom. I really love the mechanics, are funny and you have to think and remember the series. Also, as I'm studying Information and Documentation degree, is a good way to lead my own day by day."
8)And why you decided to involve international languages? It's such a beautiful thing!
"Yes! I wanted to do it because the entire community must to enjoy this type of projects, and thanks to the help of many members, as you, everyone can enjoy the questions and answers in five languages at the moment."

9)I Hope To have more languages ! So why Did you decided to do It Alone and not with other collaboration (apart the languages)

"I hope too!
Okay, when you have a lot of people working on something, you can do an amazing job, because you divide the assignments between the members of the project. The beginning was very good, we had an inmense illusion for this and we worked so hard. In the middle of the project, help was reduced and several members decided to apart themself a bit from the project. When you begin with a large group, you can do all, but when I saw myself doing parts of other members, with the help of my friend Doppel, I felt in shock. I can't order a 100%, but please, if you are working on somethin and you leave without any reason, you have a problem, and you are hurting the rest of the team. Luckily, and finally, we did it! Two webmasters and me hosted the final event on Madrid an was amazing. As well, I can say was very good. I enjoyed it with my soul. So thanks to all people that helped me. Now, I'm working on a totally different project, is not the milestone as 20 Years Celebration was, so we can work separately, without any matters. I prefer to do this with Tomb Raider 21, because I put a lot into this project, but I can say I'm collaborating with a lot of people (more than translators, who are helping very much!). Being the director or main organiser of a project isn't being the unique person implicated. For example, I think every participant is a very important part of the project.
I can say there are people on my community that is asking the same question. I can't understand why, you left me, I won't call you again. Is perfectly understandable."

10)Yes that is right! So Can we talk about the "phisical event" that Will Take Place in Madrid,after the #TombRaider21 Project? What is it about?

"Of course! I will organise an event later this year as the final climax of the project. This event will be a final level with the same mechanics of the website, but in person, with a final winner in Spain. Won't be a simple gathering, because participants will have to reply a series of questions about Tomb Raider, without electronic devices, so there's no option to find anything on the net. More will revealed soon, as the date!"

11)And for the people who can't attend the event? What will happen?

"Hope more events organised by other fansite members in the world. But, to be honest, I haven't got a lot of ideas about it. Still thinking on it, sure! If they can't attend the event, I will upload the questions of the final event. But the website project and final event are totally different."

12)Of course! And there will be a final prize or something about that? Also for the international people?

"Yes! I will work on it with the support of Crystal Dynamics, if I can. Hope will be a lot of winners. If I can't send physical prizes, I will send digital codes or similar."

13)That is amazing! So let's talk about other things now, what is your favorite soundtrack in all the TR games and why?

"Oh, I love every soundtrack of every game, I think is one of the most important elements of the franchise, but as I replied before, I felt in love with the soundtrack of the Angel of Darkness, no more to say. Thanks, Peter Connelly, you let me enjoy the music from other point of view. Thanks to the others composers as Nathan McCree, too. The concert of London was really emotional."

14)Yeah! Tell us a bit about the concert,how was it?

"Oh, spectacular! I cried in the first piece. Was absolutely great. I felt every moment of the three first games, and the sensation was impossible to repeat in the future. Played at London, my favourite city in the world, I can't say more about it. In one word, lovely. I remembered all my years as fan, and my carrer into the fandom."

15)And, if you would have an occasion to see the concert again in Spain, would you go again?

"Of course I'll go!"

16)So,last question, do you want to say something to our fans?

"Yes! I'm very grateful about this amazing interview. And I'm so happy to talk with you and your community into Tomb Raider Drawings fansite. Finally, please, follow your dreams and wishes every moment if you can, and don't be afraid never! Glad to have this opportunity."

Thank you so much! And, good luck for your future and the Tomb Raider 21 project!

I really want to thank Alejandro for all this, and i'm also excited to say, as you read, that i am part of this #TombRaider21 project, and i will be involved in the international translation from English to Italian, so i hope you will enjoy this, cause it's an amazing project that involves all of us!

Thank you!

Now i will let you with 2 Alejandro photos of his Rise of  the Tomb Raider cosplay

(Alejandro at the Paris Game Week)