#TombRaider20 : Jude Gibbins Interview

Hello to all !

As part of my #TombRaider20 Celebration i decided to interview one of the most famous Lara Croft voices: Jude Gibbins !

Jude voiced Lara from Tomb Raider II and III

Let's know more about her carrer and some Tomb Raider curiosities:

" 1- Hi Jude how are you?

I am very well thank you and I hope you are too

2- You were the official dubber of Tomb Raider II and III right?
I was indeed the voice of Lara Croft for the Tomb Raider games 2 and 3.

3- How was the first time Core Design have contacted you to give voice to the famous Lara Croft?

I had a phone call from my brother who was a programmer working at Core Design. He said they were holding auditions for a  voice to a character in a computer game. I asked who it was and of course it was Lara Croft... to which i replied "who is that and what does she look like?"...(well you can imagine the disgust in his face!).. Anyway I thought about it and decided to have a go. I was given a page of script to read and they recorded me there and then. If I remember rightly there were Eight other girls who turned up too. I got a phone call the next day to say that I got the Part as Lara Croft.

4-Did you like you job?

I loved voicing Lara. All my experiences as Lara were varied and challenging but exciting and enjoyable. The only thing i didn't like was the fact that i had to keep it a secret. Although the press soon got wind of it and as a result i did a lot of interviews for television and radio. They were nerve racking i can tell you!

5-What is your best memory of your work?

My best experiences were my time in the studios. I loved it, even though it was time consuming it was lots of fun as well. Lots of outtakes and swearing!!

6-If you could, could you voice Lara Croft again and why?

Yes, it was a very important part of my life

7-Did you enjoyed giving voice to Lara Croft? 

Of couse , i loved it

8-If you remember,how it was a normal day in a dubbing studio?

Most recordings were done in London and Core design in Derby, were i still live now. I had a lot of instructions on how they wanted Lara to sound and sometimes  could do a line many times until they were satisfied.

9-Did you voiced other Female character appart Lara Croft?

I was also asked to read lines for Sophia Leigh, which I did, But to be honest I am not sure if they used my voice, although I have heard her and it does sound like me

10-What would you say to all the Tomb Raider Fans?

A very big hello to all my wonderful fans. I cant thank you enough for all your kind words and support for my voice of Lara. It makes me feel really proud of what i achieved and that's because of my fans who recognized and enjoyed my hard work.😘  A kiss for you all

11-Did you ever played Tomb Raider? And how is hearing hearing you own voice through a screen?
'm afraid as for playing the actual Tomb Raider games...I am useless...However I think it is fascinating  I admire anyone who had the patience for them.

12- Who are ,in your opinion one of the most talented voices of Lara Croft and why?

I think the direction of the Tomb Raider games is incredible. The graphics are superb. How Lara has evolved to is fantastic and that goes for all her voices to date, they all have done a brilliant job and of course she has changed with the times like most things do. I would love to voice her again.She has a very special place in my heart and such fond memories."

I want to give special thanks to Jude, she is a really nice woman, Thank you!

See you with other surprises on the page!