Rise of the Tomb Raider : Look at the Characters

Finally Rise of the Tomb Raider is out,November 10th passes with happines and we passed also a good time playing the game (already playing it for the 3th time for a 100% ) and we also know more about the story,the place and the characters that are in.

Right,but now we can have a bigger look to the main characters that are in game,with a little desciption for each one.
This thing maybe helps the future players that want to play the game ,also on PC .

So,let's start :


Age: About 20
Occupation: Explorer and Archaeologist

Lara Croft is rightfully called archaeologist and explorer, but she also proved herself to be a survivor first. Well educated in England, she was not ready when they went into the Dragon Triangle, aboard a ship called Endurance. The area had a reputation for extreme violent storms and the Endurance sank an island called Yamatai. There, Lara had to hunt, survive the weather and even kill. The experience strengthened her but also left with many questions. Lara's father, Lord Richard Croft, was also an archaeologist. He was discredited in the gym for his wild theories, but the time spent in Yamatai Lara gave her perception of her father's principles. She had also been ignored, discredited, but she needs to know who is behind these attacks and why they are chasing him.

The answers she seeks are hidden in a lost city known as Kitezh, located somewhere in the Siberian wilderness.


Age: About 30
Occupation: Former Cook

Jonah Maiava was born in New Zealand, although he was created by his grandmother in Hawaii. He spent part of his life in the military, and that is why he is a very difficult subject when it has to be. He was discharged after being wounded in the service line, but still leads a very active life.

Jonah took a position aboard the Endurance, acting both as first mate, as a cook. The accident of the Endurance and the incidents that followed were distressing for everyone on the ship, but Jonah exceeded this nightmare much better than most. He is still close to Lara and is more than willing to accompany her as she tries to discover the deeper meaning of what he saw in the Dragons Triangle.


Age: Approximately 40
Occupation: Financially Independent

Ana Croft Lara's stepmother. She was widowed when Lord Croft took his own life and remained a very important figure in the life of Lara. Although still young, her health has been bothering her recently.


Age: About 40
Occupation: Trinity Agent

Konstantin is a powerful leader within the Trinity. This secret organization seeks to discover powerful relics and destroy anyone who gets in his way. It is likely that they have acted to cover up everything that happened with Lara during the incident in Yamatai, and can still keep an eye on it so far.

Konstantin, one of his best agents, is being sent to Syria and to Siberia. It seems inevitable that he and Lara are located.


Age: Unknown
Occupation: Remnant

Jacob is the spiritual leader and healer of the Remnant-the protectors of the Divine Source. He has a daughter named Sophia, who is the Military Commander of the Remnants.  Her mother and Jacob never got married, the revealed in one of Jacob's memoirs found in the valley.

During the story, Lara and Jacob form a close and strong friendship after Encountering each other while imprisoned, Followed by a few times They saved each others lives. Lara found herself trusting Jacob enough to reveal to him her feelings about the Divine Source and her father's suicide.


Age: Unknown
Occupation; Remnant

Sofia is the military commander of the Remnant and Jacob's daughter. Despite disliking Lara during their first encounter due to believing she is an ally of Trinity, Sofia Eventually warms up to Lara and her sees the trustful friend such as warning her of upcoming attacks and aiding her Numerous teams.

Here it is, and you ? Did you played Rise of the Tomb Raider ?

See you in the next article,Bye !