Rise of the Tomb Raider : New Little Details about the game

Last days , Crystal Dynamics let us to know something new about Rise of the Tomb Raider , and here, that we clarify the question of drugs .

Rise of the Tomb Raider leads us into new parts of the world where Lara will try to make sense of the events experienced on Yamatai. Syria and Siberia will be the two main settings of the game, and both present landscapes very different from what we saw in Yamatai.

A new story, it means that there will be a new enemy faction for Lara, Trinity, an organization that operates in the shadows and will do anything to kill anyone who gets in his way to reach the Lost City of Kitez , which is trying to be more than 1000 years.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is making great strides to ensure that resources are larger than the previous game.

Lara resources can be used to upgrade its weapons and equipment. When players select their bow, they will have a couple of different options. For example, the player can use parts of a deer carcass to reinforce and strengthen the arch of Lara.

The resources will be very different, about 16 types according to Crystal Dynamics, Lara can collect around the world, through hunting or looking for things like mushrooms hidden in the desert. Everything has a significant impact on the gameplay.

There are different types of bows in the game. That will be more suitable for curved stealth mode, while the compound bow (compound) is for the style of play more aggressive.

Lara can also create new types of ammunition personalized, through the resources it collects. You can find arrows all over the world and if you find mushrooms, you can create them with poisoned arrows.

Poisoned arrows eliminate enemies with heavy armor in silent mode. When you throw a petrol bomb at a group of enemies, they will be easily eliminated all together.

Bears are among some of the new predators and if you are attacked and you lose your health, we will need to find the right herbs and rags to heal Lara. One of the things it needs to have more time to kill a bear, is a poisoned arrow, which confuses the bear and allows you to be more effective in the attack. Players can heal in the middle of the fight, and speed up the regeneration of health.

Crystal Dynamics has also realized for Lara a more versatile for the control, giving some new mechanical motion. While he could not do in the reboot of the game, now Lara can climb trees and swim underwater, both actions can be used to avoid enemies

I remind you that Rise of the Tomb Raider will come first on Xbox Consoles November 10th (America) 13th November (Europe) , beginning of 2016 on PC and end of 2016 on PS4

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