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Crystal Dynamics decided to answer to Fans Question about the new upcoming game : Rise of The Tomb Raider.

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You mentioned the presence of secondary characters and quests associated with them. But are simply type missions "Collect 20 units of a certain object" or more based on history? 

It is a combination of missions gathering, hunting and other activities, but always in a context relevant to the story. We will not give too many details for now because we have not discussed yet, but it is good to understand that whenever we have these missions, we try to ensure that they are contextualized in the narrative.

The performances will also be available in ROTTR, as they were in TR 2013 

Yes. They are part of the power-ups, just like in TR 2013 and ESP Points can be spent on them.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will have weapons similar to / based on real models? 

We can not directly copy any weapons, but we can take inspiration from them and change them significantly. We try to implement them in a manner as precise as possible and we are definitely expanding the variety of weapons that we have in this game.

In the movie E3, Lara gives a lot of tips to the player and as a person who likes the element of exploration, I was wondering: is there an option to turn off suggestions? 

At the moment, we do not offer the ability to disable the tips, but we have a minimal HUD and tutorials are used in context and only when necessary. For example, in the levels where they are needed most tutorial, they tend to be more suggestions, but when you are in the great outdoors to explore, are much less frequent. If players want more, the survival instinct is a great tool to guide, and Lara speaks in a way that provides tips.

When a new generation of consoles (the XBOX ONE in this case) as is the steep learning curve when developing on them, and what was useful (if it was) the development of the "definitive edition" of TR 2013 work on it? 

Definitive Edition was a great experience for us. We got to know the architecture and transpose the engine on Xbox One. However, when we went to make a next-gen title exclusively in all respects, we had to rework all of our processes. There was a learning curve for us in terms of how we set up the resources, how to achieve enlightenment for the game and so on, but it was a good basis for working out what the Xbox One was capable. We were able to build a plan from this. We learned a lot as we went along with the development of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Replay a second game will be more interesting than the last time? What did you change to improve this? 

We can not go into detail, but will be available extra game mode after you complete the game, which will be discussed more in the future.

It 'was revealed that Lara can create and use poisoned arrows against their enemies. Enemies can use poisoned arrows against Lara and this will have consequences for the game, how to slow down or kill Lara? 

Enemies can not use poisoned arrows against Lara. These are tools that Lara has perfected while suited to the environment. This is what gives it the advantage in this fight guerrilla-style.

Syria and Siberia are two very different environments. The 16 resources will change on the basis of these two scenarios? There will be resources from wildlife or nature that we can receive only in Syria / Siberia? 

Mainly we focused on collecting resources in Siberia. In the prologue Syrian, Lara is the only weapon of the gun.

What games did you use to get inspiration when you have included the ability to climb trees and run ambushes from above? 

We did not have a specific game in mind for inspiration. We were really trying to fulfill a fantasy. But there have been other games that have used tree climbing and ambushes from above in the past, like Assassin's Creed - Assassin's Creed 3 had one. We really wanted to give our touch in this way, so that our mechanics were a little 'more in line with the analog sticks and controls. We want it to be fast and fluid for the player.

Do you think this game is more focus on the implementation of the classic elements of Tomb Raider, in combination with what we have already achieved in the reboot of 2013, or a whole host of new game mechanics that we have never seen before? 

I would say that is an expansion of what we did in Tomb Raider in 2013, with an eye to some ingredients that we wanted to bring back from the classics, such as large tombs where lurk complex puzzles. In addition, settings that have been traditionally seen as the most ancient, so we have that feeling that Lara enters these areas untouched, and that is its proactive nature to guide it. And 'in search of these lost secrets. Not reacting to the situation, it is using its will and its determination to find these ancient secrets lost worldwide.

The fact that the PS3 was not mentioned in the statement of HE means that there will be no PS3 version of the game? 

Currently we plan to release Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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I remind you that ROTTR will be out first on Xbox platforms november 10th , Early 2016 on PC , and End 2016 for PS4

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