Rise of the Tomb Raider : Demo's impressions

If they say that Lara Croft is strong, yes she is!
We have seen, in the last chapter of the Crystal, a Lara quite fragile, but that, through the tough choices he faced, is metaphorically changed,becoming from a simple girl to a tenacious survivor!
We will see her changing in her next adventure in The Rise of the Tomb Raider, for release next November in temporary exclusive Xbox.
We have seen the many demos on the game and I must say I was very impressed!
But let's go a bit into details:
I must say that the technical sector was very surprised and Crystal is doing a great job!
We saw particularly 4 demo:
E3 Demo, Siberian widerness, Bear Valley and Syria.
The demo that impressed me the most is Syria
Its beauty is indescribable, the locations are spectacular, the animations are fluid, there is a good audio sector, in short , I was very impressed and left me really surprised, model Lara is fascinating,
In this demo we see Lara explore the tombs, and there are many traps, but there comes a secret organization calling itself Trinity: What do they want from Lara? There are not many details, but soon we will reveal the Crystal plot a bit in detail.
The tombs are spectacular graphics that are not and never seen! I recommend you watch the demo link below, because we really want an entire page to describe (and I will do that)

As regards the Siberia, it is a beautiful place, full of detailed graphics and spectacular settings.
Lara must to do everything possible to survival, and it will not be easy!
Lara can now craft objects and cure herself with medical bents created by her.
The snow animation is stunning!Lara will run slowly if the snow increases,the new outfits are sensationals full of details! Very good job !
This is my second favorite demo!

 the demo we saw at Gamescom,was divided into 2 parts: one part stealth where Lara makes her way to distract the guards and kill them with his knife, or hurling two arrows simultaneously killing two enemies, in the second part we see a stage where Lara is discovered by the guards and begins a gunfight!

Later it will open 2 topics about the 2 demos: Siberia and Syria
So stay tuned !

I remind you that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available on November 10 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One before landing on the PC to the spring of 2016 and the end of 2016 PS4

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See you with the next article !


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