Rise of the Tomb Raider : Crystal Dynamics talks about the new technology that they are using for the game

Welcome Back! In this new post we will talk about the new graphics technology that Crystal Dynamics and Microsoft are using for the development of the new sequel of Tomb Raider (2013):
Rise of the Tomb Raider.
Crystal Dynamics says that they are using the full potencial of Xbox One for running the game in a new and more powerful prespective,to give the player a new and beautiful way to play the game!
We already know that Xbox One is one of the most powerful consoles near PS4,but how Rise of the Tomb Raider will run on Xbox One? What technology is using Crystal Dynamics for develop this game ?
Let's ceck out !
I propose in this article the words directly from Crystal Dynamics:

In this course/talk we aim to give a cohesive overview of the
advanced rendering techniques developed for the upcoming 2015
blockbuster, Rise of the Tomb Raider. We will present a
collection of diverse features, the challenges they presented,
where current approaches succeed and fail, followed by our own
solutions and implementation details.
We present a broad range of advanced rendering techniques
developed by a team of R&D graphics programmers for the next
iteration of the Tomb Raider series, Rise of the Tomb Raider.
We use a homebrewed SSAO technique we call Broad Temporal
Ambient Obscurance (BTAO). It is inspired by SAO (Scalable
Ambient Obscurance) and is greatly superior to the popular
HBAO (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion) in terms of both
quality and performance. BTAO is temporally stable and provides
both near and far occlusion.
One of the game’s key features is procedural snow deformation.
We present a novel technique that is entirely agnostic of the
original snow mesh and instead leverages compute shaders and
hardware tessellation for a fast and detailed effect. Due to the
agnostic nature of our approach we believe it will have many
other applications in the future.
We use Sample Distribution Shadow Maps (SDSM) to get a
perfectly tight fit on our CSM view frustum by analyzing the
depth buffer of our scene. After the analysis, we render the CSM
with a DrawIndirect call, thus eliminating latency. This algorithm
allows for efficient shadow map rendering by adjusting itself to
scene and camera position, thereby enhancing shadow quality.
Rise of the Tomb Raider also features improved volumetric lights
rendering. We use a resolution-agnostic voxel method.
Volumetric lights are generated using async compute after
shadow rendering and correctly handles transparency composition.
It uses temporal reprojection and a Bayer-based dithering and blur
in order to reduce banding.
Finally, we wish to give a brief but cohesive overview of our
production and methodologies, discussing challenges that are
common to our industry and the steps we took to overcome them"

So,with this Crystal promises us that they'll give one of the best games running on Next-Gen and on Xbox One !
There aren't already news about the development of Rise of The Tomb Raider for Xbox 360 but we hope to have more news by Nixxes(Team that is developing ROTTR for Xbox 360)before the release of the game(but they said that are using all the power of Xbox 360 to give us a wonderful game).
So,stay tuned !

I remind you that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be out on Xbox 360 and Xbox One november 10th,
Early 2016 on PC (Windows 10 and Steam),and End of 2016 on PS4 .

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